Departures ✈️

I’ve prepared the schedule of departures for all my WOA planes at Innsbruck and I will fly my planes daily according to that schedule.
I request to all players to handle and send back my planes before the scheduled time so that none of my flights are delayed.
When I bought the new airline I’ll expand the schedule so that the plane is departed on time.
If you want to extend contract with my airline you can DM me with that airline.
Thank you!
@vsbmotors18 @Player1233 @777Lopaka @Shadownik87 @shaunzini


which time zone you are refering to ?? IST??

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Where you from?

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Pakistan Standard Time PST

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Mine is European time zone

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No Problem I’m handling planes and send to WOA players on this schedule time. After departures you have 24 hours to handle. Before 1 to 2 hours of schedule time you can send back to me. So that I departed the planes on time.

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OE-LLB and OE-PSQ had on time departures from SXM, so they will be ready for their morning flights from INN.

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No Bro the departures from INN are delayed because the planes were still at SXM. The flights OE-LLB & OE-PSQ were scheduled on 8:24 & 8:27 in morning. Now it’s 7:40 and approximately

1 hour remaining in departures. All the remaining flights are ready to land and will be handled in time except these two.

NO Prague?

No only MCT, SXM, IAD.

But I’ve 2 B752 from IAD to PRG
Do you want connections?

I could take them,

Unrelated, where is that a124 coming from? I have never seen that flag

Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional José Joaquín de Olmedo; IATA: GYE, ICAO: SEGU) is an international airport serving Guayaquil, the capital of the Guayas Province and the most populous city in Ecuador.

@horsepowergeek here is your answer👇🏻