Destination Distance matters?

This is for normal planes (not player planes). The longer the distance=the more the profit? because planes from Dubai to IAD give more profit than planes from Europe. Is this the case in every airport?

The longer the route the higher the refuel probably?

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I’m not sure about longer distance = more profit. I had a Lufthansa A380 at PRG from FRA (?) and I got nearly 5000w from it. It was the only reason I let it land.

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Emirates A380 at IAD gives me 5000w but if a short route is 5000w then it must be different in different routes.

The fuel of the generic planes seems to be random. There is always a different fuel level in the planes even it has the same flight number.


yeah normally it is this way and it should be also for your own fleet, but…

but what?

Okay, no the plane type matters.

I think it might be because the longer the distance the worse the profit…

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