Destination doesn't show up

Hello everyone, while playing at LEJ I have come to learn about cargo planes and their profits. So, I bought a few cargo planes at Washington (IAD).
Here, I found JFK New York as the nearest destination which show departures for PAX & Cargo planes. But while trying to send my cargo planes, JFK New York doesn’t show up on the departure list.
On the contrary, Atlanta & Seattle shows up which are also same destination as JFK.

So, I wanted to know is this a bug? Or I am missing something?

Not sure why that’s not happening on your side. Mine works OK (send L from LEJ to JFK)…

I was talking about IAD to JFK. I am playing at IAD

Can you try sending cargo from your Washington to JFK? and see if it’s the same with you?

I get the same IAD-JFK for both P and C ~ no flight options for L.

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JFK is only for maintenance

Seattle and Atlanta are also maintenance destination. So, why JFK is different? And if it’s the same in real world then i guess i am happy with the reason