Destination key unlocking

Is there any other way to unlock destination keys? (after completing all levels)

The only way I can think is restarting that Airport or wait for major updates to restart your Airport levels

So looking back at previous topics on restarts you don’t lose planes nor unlocked destinations?. I just want some clarification.

Ok so nevermind (it does say the planes will persist)

From what I have heard
Airport restart will

  • Restart: Levels, Stands, Handling Upgrades, Airport Upgrades and Money

  • Not Restart: Fleet Planes, Achievements, Player Connections, Destination Unlocks and Golden Planes

However, don’t take my word for it… Even I’m not sure what a Airport restart will do

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You are correct, Golden planes are universal along with the Achievements. The destination unlocks and fleet is the same. However! Connections get disconnected and you lose that player streak (not airport!)

Ok, I may have big dumbed (cause I haven’t played since november 2019). I could have just unlocked the destinations using money… ;-; I’m now sad

There should be a Official wiki about such things like Airport Restarts…

A Wiki will be a day time job for the editors. There a many aspects to this game that undergo change as time progress.

I bet there are also poor students somewhere in Czech Republik doing this for low money :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

I know, I have been there on a Minecraft Forum similar to this one with many members online at a time… It’s just a suggestion

I honestly don’t mind helping them if they allow me to, any kind of Community help, helps me too

I want to help too. Maybe we should ask in this forum for game topics that need (more) explanation and for volunteers to write about it? There is a lot of expertise here.

I don’t wanna grab attention of staff, they are busy too but sure :P