Die Concorde als standard Arline ohne Indiegogo

Wäre es irgendwie möglich die die Concorde nicht bei Indiegogo gekauft haben sie Trotzdem für alle spieler als standard Arlines (British arways, Airfrance) freizugeben.

Would it be somehow possible that the Concorde were not bought from Indiegogo but still available to all players as standard Arlines (British arways, Airfrance).

I am sorry, that will not be possible. The Concorde is and will be forever only available to Indigogo backers

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On the subject of this, I’ve never actually seen the Concorde at my airport. (only once from a connection) I’m pretty sure only Indiegogo backers get it.

That is correct, only IndiGoGo backers get it.

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Außerdem wäre es ziemlich unrealistisch wenn plötzlich tausende Concordes durch die Gegend fliegen würden.

And also it would be very unrealistic to have thousands of Concordes flying around. It is good how it is. Maybe it would be better if the Concorde won’t be visible for us “normal” players. Otherwise this request will come again and again and again :smiley:


That is true, Even though we may have a hundred or so concordes due to its cheap price IF you purchased it during it. I’m sure @JensK has 40 or 50 concordes.