Differences in contracts

I just joined the game after a long time, can anyone tell me the differences between local, regional and international contracts? I’ve understood what contracts are but haven’t understood the difference between these types. Currently I’m on INN airport only and just unlocked regional contract

Local are contracts to close in destinations usually with the local airline. In the case of INN that would be Austrian. For LHR it would be British Airways.

Regional contracts bring in more airlines, for example Ryanair for European airports or Lufthansa. Etc.

International contracts are further afield, so for example United at LHR or Emirates at PRG

Each contract type tends to bring more revenue than the previous one.

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Can I ask in regards to this, at LHR all the local contracts I’m getting offered seem to be BA E170’s, but when searching the map there are loads of different local contracts with different airlines and bigger/smaller planes. Is this intentional? I would love to be offered a Loganair or even a BA A319/320 just for variety without having to pay wollars for it.

BA is the local airline. All the others including Loganair are considered regional. So that’s why you don’t get them on the local contracts

But surely more than E170’s should be offered

BA e170s don’t even fly to lhr in real life so it would be nice to at least have some other aircraft for generating local contracts . For example, I sometimes get united 737 and a320 at iad.

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