E170 - Future improvements

The current ERJ-170 model is the ERJ-175 model with a different window configuration and different economics. In the future will the aircraft be shortened to be more realistic, and will we receive more liveries for both types. Also, will the Oman Air ERJ-170 be removed and replaced with the ERJ-175 where possible?

First of all, there is no ERJ-170 or 175 either in game or in real life. E170 and E175 don’t go by the ERJ naming system.
Second, I do think they will need to remove the E170s from Oman, as they don’t have it and they have never had it. I’m pretty sure they put it in to showcase both the E170 and E175 at the new airport MCT too. IRL, the E175 is just a stretched version of the E170 with either a long wing or short wing.

It’s commonly referred to as the ERJ-170/175. I suggested the improvements as the fuselage length for the 170 is considerably longer than it should be, with the only difference being that gap with the windows. Glad to see someone else who feels the Oman Air E-170 is an odd one out.

I’d like to know who you are talking about when you say it is common to call the E170 the ERJ170.
There is also a 14-foot difference in length, so it would be nice to see them redo the model. It may have been rushed with the effort they put into it.

A lot of videos on YouTube, and various different photos and websites call them the ERJ-170/175/190/195. I don’t get why it’s a big deal… They are regional jets at the end of the day.

Me, for example.

I did a bit more research, and when they first were announced, they were called ERJ-170/175/190/195, but quickly changed it to E170/175/190/195. From what I see, the ERJs are 3 seats wide for a row, where the Ejets are 4 seats wide for a row.

Having a look at the E Jets again today, I picked up a couple of things.

  1. The front and rear windows of the E175 don’t light up, and are off when the rest of the lights are on.
  2. Reverse thrust animation is incorrect. It seems to go into the engine instead of splitting apart and creating the gap between the engine cowling.