E190 plane

Can M planes not fly that far to Prague?
What plane can?

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Well let’s be honest a 738 would make it, an A32X might make it with reduced but an E190? No.


Sorry I am not at all into planes, I am just playing this game and thought that every plane could go to every destination XD


That’s fine, but know you know! :smiley:

L & XL planes can fly from IAD to PRG

CRJ700, BAE146 and E190 are regional jets, they fly shorter distances and connect large airports to smaller ones. 738 and A320 are medium range, they would do the regular flights across the US/Europe. 777/787/A380 are long range, they fly longer flights across oceans/intercontinental. Hope that helps!

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Thanks, I just bought my first A380, let’s see what it can do.

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