Earning slightly less money for handling planes after contracts are extended

So I have been seeing an interesting thing on my airports, that being that when I upgrade my plane contracts they earn me less and less money for each handling of a plane. For example I made about close to 700 Wollars for a 737 in SXM and ever since I upgraded the contract that number has been dropping. Any idea what this is related to?
Keep in mind I‘m a new player so I might overlook something. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Might be worth further investigating. I know it’s probably a pain, but maybe even keeping track on an excel sheet?

this happend to me to

And to me too

thats weird

i experienced that sometimes even i have got 100% sometimes . its just random but can never go less than original price

I know the passenger count on the planes ranges from like 80-100% or something close. Maybe this is changing the profit?

Don’t think that’s it

Check your contract:
This contract shows 583+ (that + is meaningful)

After I extended/updated the contract the same route is now worth 659+

I suspect the + depends on the passenger count. There is a level of demand per destination and the demand varies by class. I’m not sure how the math works but it probably plays a role.

This may be a bit of an assumption, but i’ve tended to notice the drop in profit mostly when upgrading to/from certain tiers, primarily when upgrading between tiers one through four with the upgrade between tier two and three being the most consistent to drop off. I have not seen a drop when upgrading a contract beyond tier four. However, I would tend to agree with the conscensous that the phenomena is most likely just a result of the games demand mechanics. It does seem to be a bit tier specific though.

Can I ask what the destination in the first picture is? Because I believe the second is AGP with the seats configuration at 189/0 which gives 659+
And I can’t see any configuration to AGP which has a profit of 583+
And besides that, the profit per roundtrip (PPR) only changes when you change the configuration, but for the INN-AGP route with 189/0 config the PPR always will be 659+ (unless they ever change the demand of AGP)

I am doing route testing for the A35K and the first profit after assigning the contract is less than usual, but after that they stay relatively the same (although for example route from SAN to Europe can have revenue ranging from 8k-10k, even for the same route and that’s totally normal). But apart from the first revenue number after assigning the contract, there isn’t really a drop-off on the revenue generated.

You’re right, I messed up the screen shots. The PPR should not change, even with a contract update.
I’ve been tracking 3 planes on the sane route.
All are B738 from IAD to SXM, after 5 waves of 3 planes i found the following:

  • The contract PPR is 841+
  • The actual amount paid per trip is over twice that, more like 1900-2000.
  • The price paid per passenger increased as the contract was upgraded:
    Tier 1 each passengers paid 9.6 9.3 and 8.9 (3 flights)
    Tier 2 each passenger paid between 10.6 and 11.5 (6 flights)

If your PPR is going down, I would expect your plan number of passengers aboard is also decreasing.

I’m trying to figure out the formula for calculating profit per roundtrip, but I always get different results for the same destination and the same plane. The only thing that doesn’t change is the landing fee, everything else is always different. Even the amount of fuel, although the distance is the same. Even the price of one plane ticket is always different. What are Handling services fee and Other fees depend on?

I would suggest you look at this spreadsheet:

Also join the official WOA discord server and in WOA research you can see tons of formulas used for the spreadsheet above and how to calculate things


Thank you for this sheets! Where can i join WOA discord server?

Never mind, I already found and registered. How could I help in filling out the table, who should I contact?

Geo on discord. His full name on discord is on the home page below the people who have contributed