Earning slightly less money for handling planes after contracts are extended

So I have been seeing an interesting thing on my airports, that being that when I upgrade my plane contracts they earn me less and less money for each handling of a plane. For example I made about close to 700 Wollars for a 737 in SXM and ever since I upgraded the contract that number has been dropping. Any idea what this is related to?
Keep in mind I‘m a new player so I might overlook something. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Might be worth further investigating. I know it’s probably a pain, but maybe even keeping track on an excel sheet?

this happend to me to

And to me too

thats weird

i experienced that sometimes even i have got 100% sometimes . its just random but can never go less than original price

I know the passenger count on the planes ranges from like 80-100% or something close. Maybe this is changing the profit?

Don’t think that’s it