EasyJet A320 winglets

EasyJet winglets switches from sharklets to winglets depending on day and night skies.

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Not dependant on say and night, it’s random if you get it with or without sharklets, that was pure coincidence on the time of day

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Just wanna point out something:
What happened in your statement??
It turned from A320neo to A320-200??

Easyjet A320Ceo Has Winglets Ver.

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The same thing happened on Wizz Air while i was playing in Prague,it also has sharklets.
I think it’s because once you befriend that certain airline with A320,it turns from springtip to sharklets.
Otherwise,i don’t have any other explanation.

I have another explanation, apparently they have put random mode in some airlines in the game so they can change the winglest classes, it seems later we could get some event plane arriving as a normal contract, perhaps in the future this will happen, which is why they have already implemented that function. In my opinion, it is possible.

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This was from the release notes . Alluding to the fact that there are sub versions that will show up, I believe on a rotation basis.

  • Advanced airplane models for the A320 family (A318, A319, A19N, A320, A20N, A321, A21N, A21NX, A321F) including 3 different engine types (CFM, IAE, NEO) and wingtip fences or sharklets

Is there any kind of ratio to the odds of a sharklet one turning up over an A320 with wingtip fences for example?

I believe it’s strictly rotational based on the number of types available. I would have to confirm if it’s anything else


From what I’ve noticed that does seem to be the case, I thought the variant would substitute for the length of that contract, but I realised yesterday it’s actually a per arrival basis.

That’s a surprising but very welcome change. Do the contracts also change engine type? I know some airlines operate both the IAE and CFM engines on the A320

British Airways don’t have this privilege.