Eco Aviation

Welcome to Eco Aviation one of Ireland’s leading Charter airline with Headquarters in Dublin and hubs city’s in Prague Bari St Maartin Muscat Leipzig and Innsbruck with seasonal hubs at Washington and Nagoya in Summer and Winter.
We were Founded in 2019 but started Charter flights in September 2023 owned by parent company Skylines Aviation Group. Logo on top. One of WOA first charter airline on the forums.
We operate mainly Small and Medium aircraft some Large Aircraft
We have mainly a Colourful livery with 5 Colours to pick.
At INN we have Small Aircraft
At BRI we have Small Aircraft
At PRG we have Small and 1 medium Aircraft
At IAD we have Small Aircraft
At NGO we have Small and Medium Aircraft
At LEJ we have Small and Medium Aircraft
And at SXM we have Small, Medium and large Aircraft
We Charter Service Charter flights depending on the airline.
To Charter Us you need to do the following
Player Name
WOA airport
WOA destination
Date Start
Date End
To apply just post the Reply into the connection and co on any airport tab and we will Review and Accept or Reject depending on Aircraft availablity
Note: We only Charter flights on Weekends, Mainly Friday, Saturday and Sunday underneath are the times.
Friday: 21:00PM to 23:00PM BST
Saturday: 8:30 AM to 11:00AM BST in Morning and 20:30PM to 23:00PM BST in the Afternoon
Sunday: 8:30AM to 11:00AM BST in the Morning and
20:00PM and 20:30PM BST in the Afternoon.
Our player Name in game is PlasticMonkey4712 on Google Play not IOS
We will do Calculations on the route on an Aircraft depending how long the Flight is.
You will need to Apply it at least 1 Week in advance to apply.
Once again we operate from INN, BRI, PRG LEJ MCT all Year and seasonly IAD, NGO and in Summer and Winter from May to August in Summer and November to February in winter
We fly to your WOA airport at least Once a Week.
We hope our Services would save airlines money on Routes that they may lose money on and to make some money on routes to help them.
We will be launching The Service on the 15th of September 2023 at 21:00PM BST.
If you any questions post it Underneath we will Reply as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading


Innovativ introduction :+1:

Slots are available at my LEJ and SXM.
Playername DroningSalsa2358

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Okay I will try to charter your flight from PRG to LEJ on the 15th with the Q400. Is that ok?

W’ll be waiting with waterguns :wink:.

Thank you for doing business with Orange Air.

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:blush: Your welcome, I will put the airline name on the list to charter.

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Quite the introduction, but a quick reminder that connections requests even if wrapped up in a longer post should be going through the standard threads in the connections section

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:warning: Attention. :warning:
We are moving to the connection and co for future charter flights. The request to charter from the Eco aviation tab would be no longer active. Only questions and Assistance such as date change aircraft change updated details or any issues are allowed. We recommend that you Charter us from INN,BRI,PRG,MCT and SXM to Any WOA airport, IAD and NGO will begin in November. Charter us via the connection tab link here: Connections & Co - World of Airports forum

Innovative competition

Username vsb2001
Airports MCT & LEJ

Can you send the link…am not finding it.

Sure Connections & Co - World of Airports forum

I’m sorry you will have to charter us via the Connection tab

I am not finding this post in connection tab

Hi, did u get the post on the correct tab

The referenced thread started originally with the post below. It gives instructions on how to ask for connections and now contracts.


User id - vsb2001
Time zone - Gmt+5.30
Play times- Usually play all thru the day
WoA airports - MCT & SAN

Ready to charter #ecoaviation

We already told you If you want to charter us then go to the connection tab select a route and wait

:warning: Attention :warning:
If you could read this until the end it would be appreciated.
We are only 2 days away from Launching our Charter flights.
However some people don’t know where the connection tab is if you scroll up there will be a link that will take you to the connection tab.
To select a connection just post with my tag @Ecoaviation to request Charter flights and I will respond ASAP depending on some real life stuff.
The next thing I would talk about as in Late October Early November I am on a school trip to Barcelona for 4 days.
I don’t know the Aircraft but it will most likely be an A320 of Aer Lingus and until then I would not Relay or do Charter flights until then. Probably post the Flight in the Real life Screen share point.
Oh and 1 more thing I would like to talk about our lunch day.
So I planned it out on the 10th of September and would start on the 15th. However I think that was a bit on the tight side so I would be thinking. I could delay the launch until the 22nd of September due to how tight it is.
Do please let me know if I should Delay until the 22nd of September or keep the 15th of September launch day.
Further information about our October plans would be coming soon.
Thanks for reading :blush:

You are in the driver seat a.k.a. cockpit. Your decisions.

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The way you talk about it makes it sound fun lol😂
Keep up.

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:warning: Attention :warning:
Today is Launch day Exciting right?.:partying_face:
Before you get too excited there is some very Important announcements to make
Quick apologie: underneath is the quote that one of the player sent me

You can see it was a mistake where I said :“I only accept charter flights” wich I misspelled as I only offer charter flight the 2nd thing I said is:" …player flights waste a bunch of my slots…" which sounds too far. As a result this message has been edited.
The next thing I would like to talk about is I am thinking of accepting you aircraft arrivals which I was thinking about it and I don’t know if I want to do it. Soo what do you guys think. If enough people say do I will probably do it?
Now let’s get to the exciting part
We are planning to launch our Service at 21:00PM BST
Between 14:00PM BST and 18:00PM BST I will start assign aircraft to destination airport.
If you are planning to share pictures make sure you tag @Ecoaviation in the description.
Thanks for reading and see you there :blush: