Embraer 170

If we are getting A330-303, then we should have ČSA livery
Possibly WOW air as well :stuck_out_tongue:

A330 is based on the A330-223 Wich has PW Engines

I wonder why they make the E170 while other planes like A321 or A220 are higher rated in the feedback portal.

E170 is an S plane while the A321 and A220 are both M. Plus, what the devs adds into the game isn’t necessarily based on what’s the most voted in the feedback portal.

I mean they have to include all planes one by one so starting with this isn’t bad.

Those engines are General Electric, they have sharp end at the engine, I expected Rolls-Royce on the A330 but not dissapointed.

I would imagine remodelling all the older aircraft is top priority, realising new variants along side remodels.

If there would be an priority for updating airplanes, it would be:
777-300ER (and adding 777-200ER which will get Austrian airlines)
747-8 (and adding 747-400/200 which will receive mowt of the liveries)
787 (And adding 787-8, 787-10)
A320 (We have 737-8 advanced)

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Remodeling aircrafts will take a long time, so does making a new one but it can add more planes, liveries and a new plane to fleet. Just remodeling wouldn’t make the game better.

E175 for the next update.

It seems the developers must have changed the variant during development. Makes sense, actually have a S aircraft for MCT now. Hopefully they add Flybe!

No, I think they’re adding the E175 alongside the E170 since the E175 is just a slightly stretched E170.

What could its cost be? so that I can use it for gp farming and is it an S or M?

Plausible, but we will find out soon enough.

I’ve just had a look at the in development photos of the E-170 you posted. Seems it’s been intended as a 175 from the start, but was labelled as a 170.

The E190 is barely a M plane. So this will be a S plane.

It was listed as S size airplane.

Oh ok. Not good for gp farming i guess?