Embraer 170

E170 in development.


Link to discord?

There’s a way to join the discord server inside the game in the main menu.

Or maybe this.


Blimey. Wonder if the 190 will get remodelled at the same time?

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Seems most likely

Idk I asked them via Instagram
But it seems to be they are doing the E170 with the E190 along maybe with the E175,E195
Nothing on the Feedback Page tho
I mostly think that they also will do the ERJ E2s soon with it

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They are doing the E170 for now
Need more informations on the E190 Remodel

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Still surprises me the A320 was not remodelled alongside the A319.

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Wonder what liveries are planned for the ERJ-170. My predictions are:

  • British Airways Cityflyer
  • Alitalia Cityliner
  • LOT
  • Delta Connection
  • United Express
  • J-Air

Someone from the discord said this.

Also not to forget
Airfrance HOP

But that’s an ERJ-175.


Perfect plane for LCY lol

Indeed, shame BA recently retired them. Seeming the 170 is in the works I wonder how long it will be before the 767 is in the works? The 767 has got to be the most requested aircraft at this point, considering we now have the A330.

@WoAGermanPlayer69 I won’t forget about Hop, nor the FDA liveries (which would make NGO very colourful). Eastern Airways would also be nice, some more traffic from the UK.

Having a look, there are very few ERJ-170 operators, would it have not been better to model the ERJ-175?

Idk about these they didn’t gave me information about it

@carlsberg72 do you know if they make the E175, E195 and E190 Remodel with the E170 or not?

Im so used to the gold I forgot their other 3 colors, that would indeed be very nice to see some more color

I’ve got more Informations about the E190 remodel

They Wrote:
Hello E190 is still in waiting queue… step by step we will bring advanced airplane models for all types (E190 also) :wink: With next update we’ll bring probably A333 (and MCT Muscat airport of course). Have a nice flight, Team WoA.

I hope this gets you some Information

That’s great news! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I’m hoping the A333 will make more money than the current A332
If yes I will be getting the A333!