Embraer 190

E190 in the next update.

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Bring on the E195…

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… -2?

doubt it, I think it will be a clean up of the -1 version. Not saying it couldn’t happen, because they did bring in the 319neo. But I think the most work will be for the -1 versin because that’s where most of the customers are.

WOW, it’s amazing to see it remodeled, by the way it will be nice to see more E-190 liverys as Breeze Airways, Air Europa Express, Arkia Israeli Airlines, British Airways, Bamboo Airways, Bulgaria Air, Air France HOP!, J-Air, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, TAP Express, Royal Jordanian and UIA.

With KLM overflights where I live, I can only hope…


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Amazing :airplane: