Emergency takeoffs and emergency landing!

Why cant we add something like emergency takeoffs and emergency landings??!!!

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Because 1/2 the players would immediately quit and devs don’t want to get in an awkward situation with the real airlines in the game.

For the record. I would be one of those who would quit. Unless that feature could be turned off.

But it will make game somewhat interseting…


But it will also make the game lose players


Actually it will make it less interesting which is why players will quit. Even UATC updated the ability to turn that functionality off.

What is UATC? Some people refer to this UATC and it’s not an airport code so I am assuming this is nothing to do with WOA?

Ultimate Air Traffic Control (UATC) it’s an air traffic control game primarily that’s been around for a while. It had emergencies in it and frankly it was one of the least great parts of the game for me

Is the game still around? I saw Tower 3D on the web ATC on steam and PC’s.

Just curious the brand of the company? I am Air Traffic Control (Japanese game) that’s looks interesting but I doubt it will be release in English version.

I say WOA is by far the best airport game (without the flying mode stimulator games) except of course when we play the landing mini game.

I still a huge fan of WOA and they are currently doing a wonderful job creating this game!!! :star::star::star::star::star:

I am an air traffic controller 4 has a English release in steam

UATC is Unmatched Air Traffic Control. It’s a very different game: it’s a proper tower/ground ATC sim whereas WoA is a lightweight airport/airline management game. In UATC the player has full control over runways and taxiways and gives landing, takeoff and taxi clearances, and if you make a mistake there are consequences (go-arounds, collisions).

UATC’s gameplay is more complex and difficult as it requires more planning and strategy; WoA is a clicker game for casual play.

Anyway I would love it if we had emergencies in WoA. The gameplay could use more dimension. Just give the option to turn it off, like the minigames.

Cuz this game is about aircraft handling not air traffic control or emergency ground operation.

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