Emirates A380 Expo Liveries

Hi all.

Since we have all 3 ANA A380 liveries, is there a chance for all 3 expo colours for Emirates?

Bit of photoshop work to illustrated

I would really appreciate it.

Thanks guys!


Looks great mate!
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It would be nice to have all 3, maybe a few other liveries such as the Animals livery or the Year of Zayed livery. This livery would be great on the 777 when it gets its advance model!

Yeah, but I still think that 747 Advance should be considered more, largely thanks to the plane that we have in game is 747-8i which only has three operators (Korean air, Lufthansa, Air China), originally it was supposed to have Arik Air (Nigerian’s airline) but those orders were changed to B787.

At first I really thought we are getting all three liveries lol :sweat_smile:
Great photoshop mate! :+1:

Somewhere I have a photo of A6-EEB I think in the Arsenal football colours. That’d be a cool livery to see! (Taken 09L at LHR)

From IG

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Dubai teaser?
And yes the liveries are cool

Maybe dubai. Maybe