Empty Stands

I have unlocked all M tier stands at PRG airport (47 in total) to focus on European destinations with real airlines first.

I have lots and lots of planes in the queue to land. However, at maximum I have only nine aircraft being serviced at the airport at the same time. Even with a runway priority of 3:1 in favour of landing.

Is there a way to get more planes handled on ground simultaneously? It looks so lonely on the apron with the airport being so empty.

Thanks for any tips!


Not with current game mechanics, taxing cannot be at light speed either. Its not easy thing to ballance without introducing unrealistic things or on the contrary very realistic like real handling times which is not even the case for mobile game (players will never agree that plane should be in handling 2-3-4 hours to keep stands busy).

But some more features will come to make stands more busy I am sure of it.