Enabling L/X, Specialist Handling, Seeing Purchased L Planes

I’m a new player, having worked out most of the game play myself (love the game, feature documentation is not always helpful or comprehensive).

I am now L10, have a fleet of small planes, have a number of S/M stands, and I have a handle on the general gameplay.


I cannot find how to enable L/X stands
I cannot activate Specialist Handling
Two purchased plans (1L, 1M) from the Hanger are not showing in my fleet (feel like I’ve blown a purchase of gold planes)

These may be all the same problem, might be level or achievement dependent, but I cannot find any references anywhere on solving these, would love some help.

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When you buy planes with Gold/Silver Planes, it is only to unlock them. Once you’ve unlocked them, you can then buy them for their assigned Wollars value at individual airports. (Note: ‘individual airports’. You can’t buy a plane at one airport for another airport. When you buy a plane at one airport, it stays assigned at that airport.)

Depends which airport you are in. Judging by you saying that you are a new player, I would assume you are at Innsbruck currently. At INN, the highest stand category you can unlock is an M stand. At Bari, the highest stand category you can unlock is an L stand, and PRG onwards, you can unlock all categories of stands.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


First question which airport are you playing?

Many thanks, a real duh, of course moment. I’ve been playing INN, now will develop BRI.

Solved, thanks!

However, still cannot see planes purchased in the hangar, maybe they will appear once I develop BRI more…

As I mentioned above, when you ‘buy’ planes with gold or silver planes, you actually unlock them, not buy them. You can then purchase them using your money at any airport. Remember that the airport that you purchase the plane at is the airport that it is registered to.

Many thanks, this explains it.

Most of my learning has been trial and error, not sure if I have missed something, but the onboarding tutorial covers the basic interface, and I’ve been unable to track any decent in depth documentation. At least this forum is filling the gap, I appreciate the help.

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