Etihad 787 special liveries

These will release after 2.1. There are two 789s and one 78X.


Nice how did you find these

On WoA discord

Moved these to general because they are not officially released by the devs yet. Yes they posted them, but I’m trying to keep the new content section clear for final release information.


Also might skip the day when the Man City aircraft turns up. Not a fan :slight_smile:


Or you could just
Ignore it?

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That too :slight_smile:

Relatable. Im a liverpool fan and anyone who has seen the EPL standings in the last 6 years knows how I feel about Man City :unamused:

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Well too be honest I am a Manchester fan even though I live across the pond. I don’t like where this is going…:triumph::-1:

Leicester born and bred, now live in the US…

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You see, now is the time those weather diversions or mechanical failures could come in handy.
You could spitefully delay all the passengers or divert them to some far flung corner of the globe!

Or leave them in the arrival queue forever :slight_smile:

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Not a football enjoyer, an Ice hockey guy here, MK Lightning :zap: for life!