Event Contracts

I have seen event contracts in the game and played some of them. But I was wondering, what exactly are they? Is there a schedule for them at different airports? Why do some plane have special liveries but others don’t?

Event contracts are one time flights, and can be standard or special liveries. They are anything from a random selection to sending themed aircraft for something like an anniversary. The devs do these manually I think so they appear at the same time everyday (00:00 CET I think). However you can get some special liveries as regular contracts through airport levels, like the Skymark Pokémon 737


Thanks for clearing that up for me!

No worries :grin:

Correct and if you are an avid collector via the WOAPedia route you will need them to increase your overall collection.
Devs tend to rotate them and then align them to certain real world events as needed.

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Don’t get me started on that Corsair 747 :rofl:

Ahh the Corsair 747 with the TUI logo on it, has been released for about 8 mouths and not even a single time it ever gets to anyone airport’s. Time to convince the Devs to use that aircraft for event’s (especially SXM) :rofl:

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That’s my only gripe with the event contract system, with there being so many special liveries a lot of them might go under the radar for a very, very long time. This 747 was announced in late 2022, released last July and has appeared in 2 photos, but never seen in the actual game. It’s the last TUI livery I need :sweat_smile:

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I swear, if they don’t use this aircraft by this summer (which is where travelling is jumped) than I am gonna go insane, I also hope I don’t miss that aircraft while I was on holiday in June, July with TUI (got rebooked with another Irish Airline)

I just wish there was some kind of way to obtain some event contracts as regular arrivals, bar the very limited number which are part of levels. Certainly add some variety to the standard local, regional and international contract system