Existing Destinations- Missing Info - LEJ

Airport: LEJ
Destination: Dublin (DUB)
Aircraft: B738, B38M


WoA Airport: LEJ
Destination: Billund
Airline: DHL
Aircraft Type: A300-600F/BF, B757-200F

Please use this thread for existing destinations to LEJ but are missing airlines in the game

Airport: LEJ
Destination: Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Airline: Smartwings
Aircraft Type: B38M


Airport: LEJ
Destination: Hurghada (HRG)
Airline: SmartLynx
Aircraft Type: B38M


Recently unlocked LEJ and I’ve noticed a lot of DHL flights especially local flights in Europe using 757s and A300s
As someone who likes playing the game as close as possible, this kind of takes out of playing this airport :confused::confused::confused:

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The lack of a 767 is presumably the main culprit behind that, although 757s and A300s are 2 of the primary aircraft types you’ll see at LEJ

But there are quite a few destinations that are 757s IRL but only the 737s are available.
That goes for other airports like LHR as well