Existing parking spaces in Prague are no longer available

Since today I have the problem that I can no longer select the parking spaces I bought in Prague, but only the ones that still have airplanes on them. The other places are shown to me but I cannot select them. Everything works perfectly in Bari and Innsbruck, just not in Prague.
does anyone have a solution

need screenshots to see what’s going on

I can no longer select all the areas marked in red, only the areas where there are still planes

Are you sure you haven’t assigned a plane to that stand, and it just hasn’t landed?

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I’m going to agree here, there are 38 planes in the landing queue (although you can’t see them because the “requires action” button (yellow) is selected, so I suspect that somewhere in the 38, you have selected the stands, but because you don’t have the tower agent live, you have to click on them to clear to land and use those stands accordingly

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Thank you very much, that was exactly the problem. I had allocated the places beforehand, and after I commissioned the tower crew, everything went back to normal.
It was my mistake, thanks again for the help.
Greetings Triple