Faster operations incoming

Seems like devs are working on this now and I’m really looking forward to this

Looks good to me too, but I wonder what this micro management will do with the gameplay. You’ll get very busy, I guess.

I think we can get more stands occupied

Which you have to “traffic manage” individually.

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I can’t see how this will get more occupied stands…

At single runway airports you can have more arrivals if you can shorten the interval between take offs.

Ok, but taxi speed will be the same, time for vacate the runway after landing will be the same…i guess. I’m curious how it will work.

Will we be able to choose the intersections departing aircraft can depart from? Would help as S/M aircraft wouldn’t have to taxi as far, making the entire operation more efficient.

Good thinking! We can have multiple line ups. L planes at the back, M and S planes at other intersections.

Multiple aircraft lining up on the runway at the same time, a practice which is commonly used at large airports such as LHR. Normally along the lines of a 747 lining up at the end of the runway and an A319 going ahead of it.

I said “I THINK”

yeah, I want to get busy. Except for IAD when a bunch of S&M aircraft are at the gates at the same time my fingers have plenty of time for doing stuff :grinning:

But yeah, I’m looking forward on what devs will bring to the game. Hopefully it will be a bonus mechanism for those of us that want more action while the “lazy” people can play like before

Now that I have a 3/4 developed T2 at Muscat I can get pretty busy when I use the speedbutton twice in a row. Lots of movement. In combination with a limited use of T1 and the management of the runway crossings that comes with it, the game is very interesting.