Faster speed for planes

Couldn’t the speed of planes for taxing be increased? I have 17 planes at PRG. Planes which land first already get completed while other planes still don’t land. I mean some planes are ready to go while some don’t even land. I think the line up and wait action will solve this problem.


If you want to have more planes at PRG at the same time, I suggest giving the highest priority for take-off (landing works too but the runway is close to the gates)
(No, I am still not returning to WOA until things at school will cool down.)

How will I give my planes priority? I don’t care about takeoffs, I only care landing and 3:1 landing ratio , it can’t be increased.

To get more planes you need to have 1:3 ratio, highest priority for take-offs at PRG, at NGO highest priority for landings.

Why highest priority for takeoffs?

I’ve said it before, the gates are close to the runway so if 5 planes will taxi to runway, planes won’t be able to get to the gates, if you give highest priority for take-off, once all taxi-ing planes will leave PRG, you’ll get a good amount of planes, this is the best tactic in my opinion for PRG farming.

No, you are understanding the wrong thing. I am saying that the speed of planes must be increased to reach the gates early. There are not many planes which are about to takeoff when I play and I don’t have cargo. All I want is the planes to reach faster but the 1:3 ratio will slow down more, You are telling me the opinion for only the planes reaching the gate. But what I want is the entire landing and taxing animation go faster.

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Sadly, the idea of faster landing and take-off feature was dropped.

:sob: :sob:
I want it in the next update.

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If you want to get planes faster at PRG, just give max priority for take-offs, you’ll see the difference than max Priority for landings

OK i will check today.

still not solving the problem that planes are landing really slow, need ages to reach the taxiway and thus keeping our airports empty. The only solution is a faster process for the whole movement of planes on the runway. That’s what many of us are demanding for some time but instead we get fancy liveries and graphics which we will never see because of those long waiting queus


Nagoya has much better flow of planes, whatever the size. I stopped playing Prague immediately after opening the next airport and I only returned to collect badges for gold planes.

Nagoya is a charm for those who want to see full gates and bulk departures (that being said, I don’t understand why SAN is considered an upgrade, it’s unbearable, I plan to open MCT with real money)

I would love to return to PRG if the flow was better. For the time being, I play IAD and NGO. I love them. There is always room for improvement, but I don’t expect from the devs to keep everyone satisfied.

Keep playing, have fun, spend real money if you can. It’s totally worth it.


Same but, you can’t blame the devs for the flow, that’s how it works irl.

A simple idea which would speed things up as per the OP, would be to switch to using runway 06. Then planes would depart the runway closer to their respective stands (largely).
Simple idea…:but I imagine an absolute nightmare in terms of development.

But I can’t do it in NGO because I just had started it. IAD has long queues, so PRG was the only option for me.