Feedback on 2.1 Update

First off - thank you to the devs for getting us this update with quite a bit of features, and thanks to Carl and Tom for putting up with us while we cried over how long it took :wink:

B788 / B789 / B78X

Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way… I get that the devs want to make new planes have a sense of desirability but pricing them double those which triple them in revenue just makes it seem like a money grab. The way prices for the BCS series and B787 series is unbalanced in my opinion. I know challenges have been teased… so I hope this is a feature that is coming far sooner rather than later to hopefully rebalance this soon.

The planes look great though… KUDOS!


I was incredibly skeptical of this feature… but the way it is implemented makes it feel usable to both casual and power players. The pause function is great - especially if I want to let an L plane skip the queue at SAN for example. The tower view looks terrific. I mean… who doesn’t love this:

A few additions I’d love to see:

  1. Binoculars, as in allowing us to zoom and view planes through a binocular type lens
  2. In airports with multiple towers (like IAD) we only get to use one. I’d love to see the rest of the towers implemented with their view

Terminal Camera in BRI and SXM

Why don’t these have panning and zooming options? Would be so nice to have… especially with the beautiful BRI revamped model!

New Contract Cards / UI Improvements

Seeing the stand on the card… chef’s kiss! It’s a great addition that I’ve been wishing for for a long time. The favorites tab, perfect! I still want to be able to sort my landing queue by size, but this allows us to sort it the way that works for us, so my favorites is all L/X player and personal fleet planes.

New Airport Levels

THANK YOU for including new planes this go around, especially the BCS1 all over the place and a B788 in NGO. I hope we see this continue. More handling crew / wollars only go so far (though I have been hitting my handling crew limit at more airports with auto landing!)

Demand Changes

I’ve noticed that LEJ, NGO, and IAD have gotten demand changes on some routes. These aren’t in the update release notes. In the future, adding these would be SO helpful so that I’m not trying to go through every plane and route updating my spreadsheets when things change.

Maintenance Bug Fix for Player Contracts

I understand why this had to be done, but since this is a bug that has existed since 2.0 dropped, it would’ve been nice to have had maintenance reset. As it stands, because of this bug a lot of players are stuck with either choosing to sell tons of planes, or have massive bills to get the planes maintained, which really isn’t fair to us since we are getting punished for a bug that was left unsolved for 5 months…

Overall… this is a really solid update. Looking forward to what’s next, and kudos to the team in the coding studio, the team on the discord, and the team here on the forums.



I’ve sent this to the Devs To help Check

ATC Voice Sound Glitchy


I play with sounds off. Just too much chatter in the game for my tastes. But it does seem like a bug… one of my alliance members had some very colorful comparisons of what it sounds like haha.

Can we transfer planes form one airport to another


Speculation that LHR isn’t too far away

Not really speculation to be honest, devs have said they would like to get LHR released in 2023. Realistically it might be early 2024, but given previous testing times for airports. I’m not ruling it out yet.

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A feedback for the update
the devs did a wonderful work if u could please add zoom in or a binoculars feature for plane spotting from the tower manager or just could manage planes from the tower manager would be really a realistic experience


More views from terminal please

I have played the new version today after updated it, and I also have some words to talk about…

Bug Fixes

I have to salute the devs that they fixed the purple apron bus visual glitch quickly. This is actually impressive. I thought it may take 1 or 2 days but they just made it within few hours. Thinking about I’m living in a country that infamous for its low efficiency in solving simple problems(Australia, haha), this is gold!

New Airplanes

I am a very weird type of player that attempts to achieve the highest level of efficiency, I mean, for mining resources (XP and SPs). So new B787 is unfortunately not on my list to explore first (I only have B77Ws for L passenger arrivals in most airports as it comes with the highest efficiency as per my calculation). Nevertheless, I have looked at the models in contract tabs and hanger purchase/unlock page, and I do believe the quality is outstanding.

So we will have a look at the remodeled A350 soon and see what magic will happen, huh?

Tower Agent

I once questioned how this will actually help players and I tried different airports today to find this out. And my general feeling is that - this is very useful in large airports, and I really like this addition to the game. Specifically it makes playing on emulators more enjoyable (you can have a try!).


  1. Spending a little bit (compared to what you receive for handling planes, my calculation is that one longreach A388 can bring you approx. 100+ silver planes per handling in many airports when the contract reaches max LV) to unlock this for a while is not a bad idea, but the question here is that - you spend the same in different airports regardless of their sizes. Hiring the agent in large airports will be really cost-effective, and for smaller airports, that’s not the case, which sounds a bit confusing to players (in real life bigger airports hire more people to work in ATC). I also suggest there could be a way to buyout the tower agent and maybe with prices different for each airport (like the premium pass for each airport), I am happy to purchase one with thousands of silver planes in big airports.

  2. Once upon a time we had runway priority, and I feel this could be back to the game. Currently, if you activate departing and arrival agents, you will generally have a 1:1 ratio in a single runway airport and you have no control over that. I don’t think this is hard to achieve considering it was an existence in the game so I wish it could also be a thing soon.

  3. I have noticed that my mobile phone experiences performance issue when I enter the tower view in some larger airports (IAD, MCT, LEJ specifically). I am not totally sure if it is an issue with the game as I only experience this when in the in-tower view, can anyone verify this?

Terminal View

That is simply amazing like I am actually waiting for the flight! But many people have pointed out that there is no view control available in the terminal, what a pity! I suspect that maybe due to this requires further work like full-scale modelling of the specific terminal space…? So we have to wait a bit longer to zoom or pan.


I would request a much more interactive zoom in tower manager

good idea :+1: I would like to set a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, or even 5:1

I think you will find the tower agent will get refined over time. Yes the standard is 1:1 in auto mode, but even as part of that you can flex to your own requirements

  1. Even with tower agent on, you can manually force the next queued aircraft to line up just like you did before.
  2. You can pause the arrivals agent, which means although the timers still count, you can allow your departure queue to clear a bit if needed.until you turn it back on again

Not a perfect solution, but there are options


tower agent will get refined over time

No one denies that. Now ATC is in the basics and will gradually improve. The developers are amazing.
Does anyone know if autolanding prefers planes marked with a heart?

Seems not. It has a similar mechanism as the 1.0 ver.

What does the heart do, I get it’s favourite plane, but is there another function?

I think not. But the function is great. I don’t have to look for airplanes that I turn quickly in a long list.