hey please update following:-

  1. please make transparent lobby where passengers move from lobby to airport vice versa.
  2. make passengers view where people are sitting on airplane and seeing whole view.
  3. make air hostess giving instructions to passenger ( give voice and make them visible)

Here is probably the best way each of your questions can be answered
1.Since these are real life airports, the devs would have to make pretty much a scale model interior, which especially with an airport like heathrow, could take months for each one.
2.Again, since all the airlines are real airlines, then they would have to search up each airlines interior and model every last detail which could also take up time that could be used to add new planes and airlines.
3. I guess the voice thing could be possible since we have window camera angles but Making them visible the the same as question 2 because each airline has different hostess outfits.

I will tell you the devs are already concerned about the size of files for the game. Hence the recent changes made. Unfortunately I believe these sorts of things are a nice to have not a have to have which the devs need to focus on going forward to protect the file size of the game.
This game is also more about the ramp side of the game. Not the terminal or inside the aircraft. While a view has been given on some airports from inside the terminal. It doesn’t mean things are going to go that way.
So on a likelihood scale of 1 to 10. I give this about a 2

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Personally, I’d rather prefer the devs to foucs on game functions and playerable contents like aircraft and airports. Frankly most time I spent is in 2D and ATC tower view, even the lobby view are rarely used.