Few suggestions -

Some ideas I have thought about while I was playing this game

  1. When you play the game for example airport PRG and someone sends you aircraft to different airport you wont get notification - what I thought as a possible solution would be one new tab in the main menu called arrivals where player would have all active arrivals to all active airports. In other words it means you would have a new TAB among tabs like airports/hangar/etc. and you could see every arrival to every airport of yours before you actually choose the airport to play.

  2. Maintenance nonsense - when aircraft needs maintenance you have to do all the stuff including “loading passengers inside” which does not make sense becuase of course aircrafts go to maintenance airports without pax. The same happens when aircraft lands after maintenance and you have to unload pax and clean after them and load them etc. I think game should reflect this. Fortunately it happens only 1- 4 times per aircraft life but still…

  3. Option to sort ingame plane stands and gates and filter them. Also wrong gate order in game - it goes like R1 R11 R2 R12. Option to rename gates?

  4. Terminal gates and plane stands assigned to specific airline = for correct stand maybe more wallers like 10 - 20% bonus?

  1. Yes, I’ve seen this proposed before and it’s probably only a matter of time before it’s under consideration.
  2. Already planned
  3. Yup, very annoying. It’s because they’re sorted alphabetically instead of numerically. It’s why for IAD arrivals I select stands visually instead of using the stand cards.
  4. That sounds interesting (but also potentially annoying). For realism’s sake you could assume that you as the airport manager have mandated a common-use gate arrangement. But I think this idea is worth submitting as an addition to the upcoming contracts feature.

This is getting changed next update actually. Check the link @Highbad put

That is great news :slight_smile: