Find back my account


Hello, my Apple ID has been logged out for some reason. Then when I logged in to Game Center again, the previously unlocked NGO airport disappeared. You told me to contact on email,but they didn’t give me any answer. The Apple ID I logged in to Game Center is, and my nickname is CSN3523. Please give me a help! Thanks.

If they haven’t answered, give it time. They have probably had loads of emails over the Christmas break

On Christmas day I found my son crying his eyes out. His android phone had logged out of his account and logged into a new one.

He has spent so much time and some of his money on this game and is gutted.

He has innsbruck, Bari, Prague, Muscat and just bought Heathrow.

We have screenshots of all airports if needed.

His old account Id is 1752940458
He has been logged into 9991201768.

What I’m basically asking is there anything you can do? he loves this game and like I said has saved his own money to play it.

He has spent endless hours to get to the point where he was in the game and doesn’t want all that effort to go to waste.

Thank you in advance for your help

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only people that can help you are the devs, send this to or contact them via Facebook messenger or instagram and they will try and help you, We can’t help you here I’m afraid.