Fleet Logos and Airline Names

Right now we have the ability to select colors and liveries for our fleet planes, and I would love to see this extended.

I think it would be great to be able to create a logo for my airline that can be placed on the aircraft fuselage or tail (or both). I also understand that a full custom logo creator tool invites the option for people to make inappropriate logos. So maybe a set of logos to choose from might be better. And the logos would use the three colors already selected for the fleet.

I would also like the ability to name my airline. Currently it just shows the username for each fleet aircraft arriving at airports (on the cards at the bottom and when selected). It would be great to give our fleets airline names that other users can see.


All or most of what you say here has been discussed in the past few days, please read the forum:

  1. Change our Airline name
  2. Announcement: Player airline name on fuselage
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Hi DuneCrawler, thanks for sharing the links. I did a search for “logos” prior to posting and found nothing. As I was typing my suggestion the idea of airline names came up. So I admit, I never searched for that and I’m sure I would have found those if I had.

Anyway, thanks again. I’m excited to read this is in progress!