Flight number or aircraft registration?

I got this plane while playing PRG a few hours ago. Notice what is written where registration is supposed to be

Does anyone know if this is maybe in the off chance just a different registration number? Beacuse i think we could be seeing a first itteration flight number
Edit: im saying this because other Smartwings A/C had normal regs.

It is the Flight Number. I think they changed it and all planes need to adapt to it

Most likely yes. Found it only on that one smartwings plane. All others were normal

Flight numbers instead of REGs are in game. Note flight numbers may not be “real” in some cases so do not report that as a bug please.

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Oh ok, didnt know. Are they only available for some routes and others not? Beacuse i played PRG this morning and only saw that one flight number

It may even be some sort of generator for other airports - for NGo i did the short list myself (real if exist and “fake” if doesnt).

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