Flight Radar

Okay I have no idea how flight radar is working. Every time when I load this site on my tablat, it’s loading every single airplane. Till the whole site crashes. Could someone tell me how to personalize it only for my airports.
And also should I rather run that application on pc?

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You can run it on PC. I normally do it on my iPad. If it crashes it depends on what Tablet you use. I sometimes lag with the site but it’s bearable to wait for a minute or two for me to check my airplanes or my connections.

Try using Bluestacks for the PC

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Radar? Don’t think it is on the iPhone app is it?

It’s a website. https://worldofairports.com/radar

How can I personalize that. Could you may send a Screenshot on how do that?
Thank you for your advices.

Solved it :slight_smile:

Glad to know!