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Hi! I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. So, how do you retain a connection with your planes on WOA after they have vanished from sight but not your mind? A number of airline/airport games that I have been playing for years have provided a solution to compensate for that very loneliness & longing, in the form of flight tracking. They range from the simplest (2-D ones consisting of just the map of the world overlain with flight tracks of your planes, along which 2-D monochromatic plane figures creep in real time, as in AM4) to the grandest (having an enlargeable globe suspended in space, above which flight tracks are laid, with 3-D replicas of your planes in their actual liveries steadily moving along, complete with flashing nav lights, as in the mini-game (yup, you got that right, the MINI game) of the ASW). Simple or fancy, flight tracking continues the fun of your airline game in a way that no other mechanism can. How I, for one, would love to see that A-333 that I departed last night from IAD for Jakarta, on its way over the vast blue expanse of the Pacific! And, waking up this morning, how thrilled I would be to see my AN-22 back from LEJ, just kms away from my airport! And can you even imagine the range & rush of emotions that you would experience when the flight path of your plane lies exactly over your hometown or cities of the world that you visited or resided in, once upon a time? Quite frankly, I get the goosebumps every time that happens! So, come on, devs, lift your game to yet another high by providing us with a flight tracker of a quality that is in keeping with some really unique & cool stuff that you’ve recently created (such as that de-icing feature, which, honestly, I could watch for hours on end, lol)!

The thing about this is that WoA did actually used to have a working flight tracker online. However they recently had to take it down for some reason (maybe due to the website not coping with high volumes of users). The tracker should be coming back eventually, but no news as of yet (from what I have seen in the forum).

:open_mouth: Really? How could I have missed it, considering that I joined the game right from the year of its inception!? Can you recall approximately as to when they took it down? That would be great - to roast my heart over! Thanks.

About March. (Not very recently… sorry)

Oh!!! :anguished:Thanks all the same!

No probs :slight_smile:

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Unrelated, but this MINI/ASW game sounds fun. What is it?

Well, as they say, a pic (a video in this case) is worth a thousand words. Therefore, wanted to share with you a video of gameplay that I recorded on the mini-game expressly in response to your query, but unfortunately this platform doesn’t allow uploading mp4 files! Would be happy to email it to you, though.

Well, after heavily cropping it, tried my best to email my video but despite its greatly reduced size (under 25 mb now), it’s still not going off! :angry: So, posting a bunch of screenshots here…you should get a the general idea, especially about their stunningly impressive flight tracker! Just too bad that all requests to the devs of the ASW to upgrade the highly promising mini game to a full-fledged one have fallen on deaf ears!

ASW is an academic project from a university program funded by FAA grants. They had funding to develop aviation safety games, not a fleet management game. We’re lucky we even have the one minigame!

Lol! I don’t think that you understood me! Did you really think that I would be unaware about this when I posted my comments? Have you actually visited ASW and noticed that to keep subscribers interested/busy, they have already provided air safety-related games under the caption “Games Room”, that they were therefore under no obligation to create a separate airline mini-game in the first place, that the airline mini-game is not even remotely related to any aspect of air safety, and that they have created a bunch of other aviation-related games, too? That they are not running a charity or doing pro bono publico only but that like sensible gaming offices of all educational institutions, they are EARNING from their games? And that on these grounds, too (if not only to massively promote their main concern and attract players to their other games), it would make perfect sense that they convert the mini-game to an independent, full-fledged airline game, especially AFTER they took all the pains & created a stub that obviously has a tremendous potential? And if you have actually bothered to play their mini-game, you’d have noticed that, as it is now, it becomes dreadfully boring & basically unplayable after the initial charm wears off - because of what it is, a stub, just a stub, resulting due to the devs misguidedly leaving a business off! So, WHAT’S there to be thankful about, lol? A boring STUB which I, for one, don’t visit for months on end? Anyway, my reference/emphasis was with regards to their admirable flight tracker, something that I hope & pray that M/s Haug.land replicate at the MINIMUM. Cheers!

I don’t think that you understood me! Did you really think that I would be unaware about this when I posted my comments?

Of course no one has any idea what you’re aware or unaware of, until you write it. It sounds like you’re mad at me for not being able to read your mind.

to keep subscribers interested/busy, they have already provided air safety-related games under the caption “Games Room”

ASW doesn’t have “subscribers”–all the minigames are free to play, without an additional account. And the minigames aren’t there to increase downloads; they’re a means of researching different instructional modalities with respect to aviation safety training and education (some of their papers are here, for anyone who wants to read them).

they are EARNING from their games

I have played ASW for a few months, off and on. I have never seen any in-app purchases, and in looking over HCI Lab’s other apps I don’t see any monetization that would bring additional revenue. As far as I can tell, the only way HCI Lab is earning from their games is from grants they receive to develop them (and whatever budget the University of Udine gives them).

And that’s just the point. Their funding is for aviation safety research, not entertainment. The fleet management minigame is, as you said, not related to aviation safety. It’s just a reward, somewhere to use all the “coins” you earn elsewhere in the app. It’s–maybe “lucky” wasn’t the right choice of words on my part–an extra, a bonus that didn’t actually need to be in the app in order for the devs to achieve their research objectives.

Since the fleet management minigame doesn’t seem to serve a research objective, I’m sure they have no funding to spin it off as a standalone app. Their for-profit efforts have been focused on Avietra, which, unlike the fleet minigame, actually applies their research. I’m not at all surprised your inquiries fell on “deaf ears”.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, this is what the previous one looked like…

Source: Twitter

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  1. No, no one is being mad at you for “not being able to read” my mind (lol)! I didn’t post any of the trivia that you have posted simply because (i) I NEVER start out by PRESUMING that my readers are IGNORANT, & (ii) I believe that, provided with just a clue, my readers are more than capable of seeking out all the details for themselves if they feel like doing it! But, hey, thanks a ton, still, for going to so much trouble to inform me & sundry about all that is already well known about the ASW (lol)!

  2. You have taken the word “subscriber” to literally mean the players that’ve signed up for a subscription on the ASW! Lol! Hence this note to self: Watch your words! There is always going to be a dude ready to pounce on their literal meanings!

  3. Again, you have taken the word “earning” in its most obvious & restricted sense & scope, inferring in-app purchases, advertising, subscription and some four to five other revenue-generation models popular among free app-makers. What you’ve conveniently ignored are the discreet yet most commonly practised modes, ranging from the sale of the API of the app or even its entire source code, to the most pervasive, serious yet hush-hush one - the sale to data brokers of the netizens’ very internet identity, and access to and info about them, being the commodities that are the primary drivers of the internet economy & the free-app segment. Why not check out the Permissions section of the ASW and see for yourself as to what the devs are seeking permission for, and what you’ll have to disable in your settings (like I did ages ago)?

  4. For reasons I simply can’t comprehend, I don’t seem to be getting through to you. You keep looping an argument based on HCI Lab’s mandate (and what that is supposed to entail), not stopping even for a moment to realize that I was/am way, way, WAY past that argument, that my contention has nothing to do with their mandate and is IN SPITE of it! And this is not of as just now but since I downloaded the game years ago (kindly check out my comment on Google Play Store dated the 23rd September, 2021, the screenshot whereof I’ve attached below…You are most welcome, lol)! And, anyway, we are not talking Holy Scripture that can’t be evolved! It’s just a game that in more sensitive and visionary hands would’ve definitely seen far better days (that may still happen, who knows)!

What I find most ironic & amusing, though, is that you’ve set out on a trail that I created & signposted with my screenshots above, but that you are now appropriating
the same very signposts & info to lecture me!! Lol!! Keep it up, bro, if that is what makes you happy. I am done trying to make you understand what I meant to say.

Thanks for sharing. No, I hadn’t seen how the last one looked like. This must have been in that year-long period when I became disgusted with the WOA for a number of reasons (prolonged non-availability of a uniform airline livery being the principal one), and spent a full year away from the game. While a black map doesn’t look appealing, I would readily take it if the alternative were nothingness, as now. But with some spectaular improvements in artwork & architecture introduced by the devs of late, my hopes have got raised & I feel kind of justified in thinking that this time around they might, just might, surprise the players with something even grander than the ASW flight tracker…

FYI, the ‘radar’ used to be located via the WoA feedback page.
The fact that it’s still there but just disabled suggests it might not be permanently gone.
You could follow on the maps, search by your user name (or connection user names) details of arrivals at each of your active airports.
I’d still like to see a summary of all arrivals when you first log into the app - so you can immediately see there are aircraft due (connection partners only) without having to go through each individual airport

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Thanks for the info. Will look it up. If & when the “radar” is back, I hope that it’s with a map that’s not black (so depressing!), and most certainly with names of countries & cities in English, a logical choice when you have hundreds of thousands of active players from dozens of nationalities, not just from the Czechia!

Because this was from the World of Airports Facebook page, it was Kubasan that uploaded it and obviously has set the language to Czech on his device. When I went on it, it was in English. Because it is a website, they may have made it to match people’s languages set on their devices.

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I guess I could be excused for not knowing that Kubasan is a Czech - most players have such bizarre account titles that I, for one, despite my long mobile gaming experience, still find myself floundering trying to make sense of them! Anyway, it’s a mighty relief to know that the “Anglicky” version is there, too. Thanks.

Somebody (the Forum’s admn?) deleted the long line of replies & clarifications that followed your statement, which is most shocking, to say the least, as it was pretty informational for one & all! To set the record straight once again, I am obliged to restart from where the deletion took place. Look, dude, before commenting on somebody’s statement on this forum, first make sure that you know what you are talking about. Second, don’t take others for ignoramuses. Now, to (re)begin with, my concern was & is the ASW’s incomparably superb Flight Tracker, not the ASW or its mini-game per se. Second, what you are stating about the ASW is already known to every experienced gamer (myself perhaps even more than others since I downloaded the game back in 2020 & have been in contact with the devs since). So, thanks, but no thanks, for going to so much trouble to state the already too-well-known! FYI, the devs have already placed a master link in the ASW for the benefit of all those that would like to know about them and their projects, and it’s a no-brainer putting that link or the secondary links here as well. Any person interested in finding out anything either about the game (ASW) or their devs (HCI Lab, University of Udine, Italy) can easily visit the Google Play Store & click on the link without even downloading the game.Third, you’ve clearly NOT played the mini-game, otherwise you wouldn’t be feeling so “lucky”! Try it out! You will quit after a day or two because despite its enormous potential, the devs left it off, most misguidedly, as a stub, just a stub, that’s waiting for some imaginative hands to take it over and upgrade it to a world-beating airline/airport game. And lastly, my submissions to the devs to upgrade the mini-game to a full-fledged one, either within the ASW or independently of it, was IN SPITE of knowing that providing pure entertainment wasn’t their principal concern, and in my correspondence with them over the last two years I had stated as much to them. Who knows, the devs might just do that - if only to attract more players to the ASW & their other aviation safety-related games! That would be a win-win solution, wouldn’t it?