Forum question

I have a question… Do developers look at the topics on the forum? Why wouldn’t it be better to send the suggestions by email?That is my doubt, if the developers check the forum and the airline topics that are published in general.

Simple answer is they do and here’s why.
They used to have a system attached to the website as a feedback portal where people could send requests in and vote for their favorites.
They asked me to set up the same thing on here because they were getting rid of the portal. So here we are…
Also, note where all the new content. Dev blogs etc. get posted… right here…

Hey Carl, unrelated to this but about the portal, I was looking last night and found that it doesn’t exist anymore, which means there are no publicly accessible logs of the 2.0 update. I realized that the r2d2 livery in woapedia is on the old 777, and I wanted to check the logs to see if it was ever repainted onto the new model, or if it is an error that it’s included in the woapedia. Would you mind checking? Thanks!

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