Forum voting system

Going forward, I’m curious to know if a voting system will be added to the forum? From what I gather the Infinite Flight Community Forum seems to have a very similar layout to this (in fact it’s nearly identical) and they have a voting system where players can vote for a feature they would like to see (I’m not a member on the IF forum so don’t have a clue how it works). It would be nice to see some of the ideas which don’t go onto the feedback portal getting voted on. Not sure what everybody else’s views in this are, but with more members joining the forum and more ideas getting posted it could be very handy in the future.

There is a risk that a lot of “voted” features do not get implemented because of the limited time of the devs.

What I read here in some posts from Andy is that there is a roadmap which they follow and have priorities accordingly.

Yes I do recall that being mentioned. I must admit, it would be nice to see this roadmap and what’s planned. I completely understand the time related issues with a voting system.

I think it is fluid. Publishing it may give expectations that will not be met. I can remember screenshots with a pilots view of taxiing on the apron and airplanes overflying a map. Never seen or heard about that anymore.

And it is Nice to be surprised :cake:.

Yes I do recall the 3D map/tracker having a lot of attention on the Instagram page before the release of MCT.

Well my friends, it’s your able bodied moderator to the rescue.

So this can actually be done. it needs a little understanding of how this forum works (which i have) , but it can be done.

How about this.

  1. Submit the feature to me as a message.
  2. i create the poll in the right section of the group
  3. Let the poll run for say 3 weeks and it closes.
  4. Any with a significant “Yes” vote. I can report up to the devs and they can decide if they want to include them or not.



these games have to have a roadmap, just because of how long it takes to build stuff. There will always be twists and turns, but there is a plan and i am sure most of it is in a very locked file on a mac or a whiteboard at Haughland HQ :slight_smile:

Sadly we will never see it, that’s the beauty of these games, because then every release is a surprise. I can tell you, I’m certainly not party to the roadmap even with my sort of links to the devs via helping with this forum. However occasionally i do hear possibilities that might end up in the game, but it’s rare and i’m not going to betray a confidence when I need their trust to continue to moderate this site.

i will always tell you what i can, even if it’s before the wider population, but that’s it i’m afraid.

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Fair enough, I guess it does add suspense! I still remember the shock when the A300 was announced out of the blue haha!


This got loaded on Instagram this morning AN124

Ah yes I saw that myself, are those aircraft in the background AN124s as well? (Behind the full render of the aircraft)

yep it’s the conversion from the model in the foreground to 3D emulation form for the game.

Ah I see, I couldn’t help but notice the DC-8 one a previous post (and on the wiki post on the feedback forum), my first thought is it may be one of those behind the AN124. Any info on how the AN12 is coming along?