Free slots at IAD

Hi all,
I have 17 free slots at IAD for M,L and x planes.
Play every day and will send planes back to you.
Send a request to Loke 20πŸ‘

I can’t find you bro kindly copy paste your user id here

Hi stuccoakash2,
Sry, my user name is Loke 20.
I will send a request to your LHR airport ( B748)

Sent you a B752 from INN. (Neerg Air)

Ty, accepted it.

Requested a 787 from LHR

@Loke20 would you like a 737-400 from SAN?

Sure, send it to me.

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Hi @Kaseyap, @stuccoakash2 @Neerg @Campaz66 @Mitrysek and stichinternational.
Unfortunately, something came up and I can’t play this game for a period.
Sry, for the inconvenience this cause for you all.
Please cancel flights to my airports.

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Ok thx

Ok cool