Free slots in MCT

Stitchinternational has in this moment 37 free slots. I will welcome all size planes pax and cargo and will handle many times daily.

Quick question
When can I expect to have my A340-600 come it has been quite a while since it came

@Ecoaviation The account 777Lopaka doesn t exist anymore by technical problems around my network, i lost MCT level 72, started new 5 days ago, now level 26 new name is StitchInternational. All your contracts to 777Lopaka you must cancel for take your plane back.

@Ecoaviation i unlocked 4 heavy planes allready with many gold planes, but need thousands of wollars now for buy them ---- so send me what ever you have to send.

@Ecoaviation I also canceled all the contracts I had with 777Lopaka and shortly after the planes all returned!! and then redirect them to the new Lopaka ID.

I will cancel it now

Hello, send a request from LHR, UniqueGolem3982, A346.
More is possible, also from and to other airports. Bye, Stefan

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@UniqueGolem3982 Thank you for the first contract, you can send all you want cargo or pax, i have now exactly 30 slots free . I only play MCT.

Hey i requested you from LHR on a Boeing 757

@Kaseyap i see already, accepted and request you too.

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