Freighters....Where are they?

HI New member here,

Been playing for a few months now. I’ve bought routes that have BAE146 CG but I don’t ever get them at the airport. Do I need special stands ? I can’t see any to build. I’ve held off buying B737 CG for the same reason.

Also can you use the correct Qatar Airways flight number for PRG flights…it should be QR291/292 - QR807 is a flight number for NRT. (I work in QR Ops :stuck_out_tongue:)

Enjoying the game and if you need any info on Qatar Airways Ops please feel free to message me privately.

Cheers Steve


Ya majority of the flight numbers are wrong, but they will surely be more realistic in the future.

Also currently, PRG has no stands for S cargo planes but I believe they are planning to add it in the future.


Which airport you mean?:wink:

Yes, you need to buy cargo terminal and cargo stands.
In Prague: