From LHR to WOA Universe

Hi guys,

looking for new contacts from LHR to your Airport.

I have a lot of L airplanes myself.

On the other hand, I can also accept any airplane on your part


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Could i take a few L planes ?
Could send a a333 200

Sure. What’s your name and which WOA Airport do you play?

Im here at SAN,my username FolkAppetite46 .Just after replied i realized the a330 was sent elsewhere

If you have anything available to send, I’m playing at SXM.

User: Neerg Air

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Me to I am at IAD


As soon as planes become available, I’ll send you some! Is X pax also possible?

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Yeah Al pax planes except for X and M cargo.

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When do you think you can send it?

@Neerg @Player1233 Both of you should have received requests. More to follow in 90 minutes

username : shaunzini (at MCT)
I play 2-3 times a day, would be happy to accept L as well as X planes

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everything is possible, i have 30 slots free

You also can send to 777Lopaka at MCT

Already Done

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Could I have a few L aircraft into LHR? No cargo though!
IGN: Player9500912613

you can any plane of size X/L to my iad and prg
i will play atleast once a day based on the location

Hi, L1ttle, have sent you a request for B777😎
from aulglarse1

Currently not accepting, sorry.

You can send it to me at NGO
My username is Player6441009686

Player 123, Hmm says player ( number) not found?