Full house

Can anyone guess the airport…

Well that’s dead easy that IAD

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That’s obviously iad but can you show us what it looks like in the normal camera angle

Yeah u r right

in my opinion IAD is the best and simple design and also one side runway for landing and another side is take off…

I called IAD a silver aircraft maker



Hey there , do you unlock all size per stand like there’s stand with S and M or L and X , or you just opened it one size per stand

It depends on preference

I personally have a criteria which I follow

Remote stand with SMLX available, I get LX (with SXM as an exception as I got MLX on the on)
Gate with only one jetbridge, I get LX
Gate with 2 jetbridges, I get LX
Remote stand with no X, I get L only
Gate with only one jetbridge but no X, I get ML

But that’s my preference, which I do not do for money making, but just for fun

Ahhh okay i get it,