Funny sightings while playing

I didn’t see a topic for this by now so I made this one.
First is my double headed Bae146 after handling
One UNITED gives birth to another

A Lufthansa snuffles the other in front


These are incredible. Add it to #share-in-game-screen when you get the chance as it is IAD add it to IAD share point.

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I hope you don’t mind when I ask if have to post this new or is there a chance to drag this onto the IAD section? :pleading_face:

I don’t mind I’m here to help. You should add this to IAD Sharepoint. Mainly reducing clutter and it can get more attention there because mainly it shows up for people a lot there.

Guess the colours of my airplanes :grin:


Amazing color scheme and the masks look awesome!

Thank you :+1:
These are the colours of my favorite football club. So it was easy to chose them for my planes.

Awesome! Did you make those masks?

No, they were sold by the football club and I couldn’t resist buying them :grin:
I’m so weak sometimes

So am I lol, which football club. I’m not from the UK but I do like “football” (soccer I meant).

It’s the Hamburger SV. Germany 2nd Division.

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