Future Update Suggestions


I’ve been enjoying the new update so far but I have some suggestions for a future update. I’ll add more as I come up with more ideas.

  1. Profits Page - Need a way to see which planes are bringing in the dough, silver planes, xp etc… Listing of highest to lowest to make it easier to sort out your best contracts at a glance.

  2. Contract Map Filtering - Need more filtering on the map. Things like most profitable destination (or least) for your currently selected plane. AI Recommended destination for speed, profit, reward.

  3. Please add a New Zealand or Australia based airport to play with in a future update.

  4. Pushback planes need to be highlighted in green like before the new update.

  5. Recent Player Connections List - A stat page that lists the last 10 (or any number) players you connected to so that you can send a plane in the future if you want to.

  6. Plane Storage Hangar - A place to put your uncontracted fleet planes until you wish to contract them so they don’t take up landing spots.

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How To Check For Aircraft Maintenance and bring back WOApedia.

  1. An icon or symbol placed on reward contracts or planes so that you don’t remove them accidentally if you don’t want to remove them.

Air Alps(?) I’m not sure if it’s Air Alps or not, but some companies are not even listed in the forum, and some destinations are not clear as to which ones have been added.

  1. Make it so you can pause aircraft mid-flight when you are not playing the game. This is to avoid massive amounts of arrivals jamming up the airport after a few hours break from the game.

I think the next airport whichever should be massive in size.
Like for example Delhi IGI airport from India which us set to have 4 runways in the near future. We need to have some massive flow other than IAD for once. Because now it has been a long time since we have had a new airport of such size.

  1. Add General Aviation that will frequently land and takeoff. They can be either controllable or uncontrollable.