Game Crashing Before plane on stand

Guys, the game crashes on iPhone every 30-45 mins or so , ( has been highlighted before - few people have the same issue ?! ),

so, i had a visit from Concorde, just about to go on stand, the game crashed, will my Concorde visit come back ? or is it gone forever, like when a player connection is accepted to land, and the game crashes. ?

thoughts ?

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It will come back. I forgot lately that a visiting airplane was on my airport and closed the game. The next day it was still there.

hi, ta for this, presume the ‘golden Haug planes’ come back then, just the ‘player connections’ which don’t.

Game crashing on android too every 30-40mins.
Did everything suggested before, no results. Its happening with me only after the update 1.25.11

This is still happening to me, just had IAD crash with loads of connection flights in and I’ve lost them all. I have heard that the next update should see some optimisation of the game to reduce lag and the amounts of crashing.

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