Game freeze

Does anybody experience game freezeing some time after starting? At any airport. Then the picture freezes to death. The only way out is to quit the game. What has this adverse effect on the game?
And the second question: is there a Pause command? Or just quit to main menu?
Pls any advice

In my case the game just flat out crash or gets into infinite loading screen. Just restart and try your luck lol.

No pause. You have to quit to menu.

Thank you very much, friends, for your replies! Anyway feeling happy playing this game. But when the next update is expected exactly?

I hate that there isnt a pause, hard to go through destinations you might want to unlock and keep up with gate activity at the same time!!!

I already had 4 start overs on 4 airports aimed at FedEx Cargo Take-off flags that stopped the game, again! The S/M plane slides on these airports under Arrivals are EMPTY. Count indicator dhows count of something being recorded. Also, it seems that I am being monitored for game activity per OOPSies screen blue screen of death happens.

I play fair and expect the same from everybody but you all got to trim out this issue. Not parlaying screen shots bcuz i am pissed over it.


Can anybody tell what causes freezing of the game? It’s boring. Everytime I have to quit and restart the game. In this case the landing queue is broken that makes L & X aircrafts go to the end of the queue. No problem with internet connection. Do not understand what causes freezing :frowning:

A. Game server caputs and kills everybody online.
B. Your Internet connection from your service provider quits the game chewing up mobile data,
C. Check mobile data for Unlimited through SP.
D. Flush and clear the App Cache mentioned a few times in previous forum information.
E. Could be a bug issue
F. Scream quietly in a pillow and reboot your PC for a restart. Playing this game makes you appreciate getting to the Airport on-time on the real.
G. Other solutions? Others will post.