Game has become unplayable

The command module of the aircraft keeps disappearing every time we select a top menu item such as services. The game crashes intermittently and the speed of arrival of planes is out of control.

The latest update has made the game unplayable. Please rectify with a new update asap. Thanks.

Also can we have an auto update feature which will automatically update the game like other apps.

  1. That was fixed with recent update in fact. Maybe uninstall / install game again.
  2. Turn ON - auto updates in google play / game center ?

Both are not bugs. Moving it to technical issues.

Ok thanks.

Not sure about crashes - we have 1 or 2 isolated cases when game crash (probably specific devices).

i still have those crashes every now and then but way less then before the update. device is a nokia 7.2 with 6gb ram and latest android os

Only crashes I saw so far - when i had 60 planes on the moved in IAD. It happens rarely so its not easy to replicate but it is probably performance issue with UNITY engine.

Yes crashes have reduced a lot from early days but they do happen from time to time. I suspect that it happens when the internet connection speed dips a bit, especially when I’m travelling.

You need to build in some latency for internet for the connection fluctuating. Probably some sort of local cache. If the net still remains down then it should stop with a proper warning.

My major concern right now is disappearing command windows. If that is fixed then great!

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I agree.
In my case it says often CONNECTION FAILURE.
When I play PRG I don’t have this problems.
And in PRG my handling bar deas not dissapear.

I do not agree. The speed is perfect. You can speed it up or hold by buttons. Use them.
And listen what the music says :slight_smile:

I’m using the hold button all the time otherwise I’m creating a backlog. It would be perfect if this would be the speed of normal gameplay.

Try this.

Hold the planes as a buffer. When its going to red, assign a landing place. Thats how I clear my backlog.


Played it last night again and it was stable and worked without any issues. Thanks for your efforts.