Game keeps freezing on loading screen

After this new update, I can’t play the game anymore. I’ve watched the task manager when it freezes The process vanishes. I was wondering If anyone had any solution, besides uninstall the game and/or clear the cache, since I’ve tried both it doesn’t work.


Same issue for me. Running Android 9 on a Galaxy Tab A.
Tried to empty cache and data and reinstalling the app.

It is only for some players. Devs investigating resons for it already.

Seems to be android 9 only. Possibly because of the software update earlier.

I have this problem on Android 7.0.

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Weird, check out the discord to stay up-to-date:

I have the same problem.
Android 9

Just uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still not able to login! Oof!

Clear cache