Game keeps freezing on loading screen

After this new update, I can’t play the game anymore. I’ve watched the task manager when it freezes The process vanishes. I was wondering If anyone had any solution, besides uninstall the game and/or clear the cache, since I’ve tried both it doesn’t work.


Same issue for me. Running Android 9 on a Galaxy Tab A.
Tried to empty cache and data and reinstalling the app.

It is only for some players. Devs investigating resons for it already.

Seems to be android 9 only. Possibly because of the software update earlier.

I have this problem on Android 7.0.

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Weird, check out the discord to stay up-to-date:

I have the same problem.
Android 9

Just uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still not able to login! Oof!

Clear cache

I did a lot of stuff I found on the forum, like clearing cache, reinstalling the app with or without phone reset in between, and I even logged off Google play and back in, and nothing was working.

Today I tried installing WOA from Apk Pure app, instead of Play Store, and it worked!

I’m on Android 10 BTW.

So better be careful because those hacked apps from PURE APK are first in line to be baned and nothing helps to remove ban afterwards…

Script will find out that its hacked version made be thieves and you are done.

Just saying. Saw that before.