Game kicks

Hi, my friend downloaded this game, and when they try to play INN, the game kicks them out. They tried to play a few times. And nothing works. When they went to INN threw the “select airport” section, the game still kicked them out.

Sadly to hear. I have heared that devs dont look here that much.

But information that can help Them is username of your Friends, android/iOS and version, phonecompany and the type for example Samsung s21.

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There username is clo03_T and is a IOS user. At 1.4.3 and I don’t know what phone type.

Better to contact dev with this. You noted the game version but what i would say was the iOS version.

Carlsberg will see this and pass it on most likely just wait a while

Same thing has happened to me too and I’ve told Carlsberg but he hasn’t got back to me yet… This was about a few months ago.

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Oh, ok. Is it the account you use now? Cuase if so my friend might be able to play now…

My alternate account, one I can play on the way to school.

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Oh. Dose it work now?

After the update, my game keeps freezing. It froze 3 times within 5 minutes whenever a plane was about to enter the arrivals list.