Game load note stable

Is it just me that the game wont load? Sometimes it takes a second, sometimes it takes forever. Internet connection is good, and checked by loading into other gamecenter games.

Most days in the past week, it takes more than 3 hours to get into the game, and most time it crashes within 2 minutes.

I checked the forum, that were a lot of topics regarding this issue from years ago till today.

I like this game, and do planning to spend some cash on unlocking liveries. But I am not sure if I want to spend money on a game that cannot be played, at least on my side, most of the time.

Sometimes game needs a lot of data to download at beginning.

Well in that case, can devs please allow players to see the speed and load completion percentage of the download, so we can tell if there is a large download in progress or just the internet issue?


Very nice suggestion. I will suggest it directly to devs.

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