Game mechanics update (last edit 15.Nov.2019)

Dear all,

Based on feedback we receive from game release till now we are in the process of twaking and improving gameplay.

Quite possibly reason for ques on arrival and planes comming with half or more timer already used is that players just accept arrivals immediately (even if there is que on departures and couple of planes on arrival as well).

Its crucial to understand mechanics behind - please spend a moment to get yourself familiar with it.

Timer starts at the very moment of “cleared to land”. Please consider that while playing.

Also there are two timers - one to the right on planes in holding cards (1-2-3 or 4) is a time limit to land a plane (if failed it “goes around” - creating negative modificator to bonus).

Second timer - lets call it “handling timer” starts when stand is choosen and confirmed. That is 100% reason why some planes come with time used dramaticaly already.

Above mechanics is purposely introduced to prevent “idle clicking” playstyle which is quite common in majority of mobile games nowadays.

Also on event of traffic - its probably worthwile to use “stop arrivals” button to the right of radar - it will help reduce arrivals temporarily so ques will not escalate for certain amount of time.

From the flight deck,
WoA Team


Game mechanics update - dev team comments
Below update is valid with game REL 1.0.5 published 10.11.2019

Following previous update, we have new developments to game mechanics. Some more details below:

  • Runways landing and take-off points “shortened” - to speed up RWY operations (both landings and takeoffs are significantly faster)

Comment: that’s self-explanatory - planes will exit runway faster = better flow.

  • Quitting to Main menu - landing/bound to land planes that are not @stands yet will have to land again (to prevent abusing previous game mechanics to have all planes in queue immediately at gates upon airport restart)

Comment: that practice was commonly used to speed up handling and game progression.

  • Timer for handling is back to “original version” it starts when the plane touch the ground (due to two above changes that were preferred way not only by players but also by development team)
  • Prolonged landing length for M-size and L-size planes @ BRI (they will exit runway upon landing one or two taxiway further to fit reality more)

Comment: Currently S-planes are leaving via CHARLIE as well as M/L-planes. After change M-planes are exiting runway to taxiway DELTA (then L’s exit runway via ECHO)

  • It is still possible to “reset” departure queue on runway holding point… however, it is not advisable as for in-game achievements only planes that takeoff will be accountable hence players should get used to that slowly because achievements are progressing well.
  • Plane behavior on taxiway : When planes are taxing to the apron to reach their gates/stands they will be able to enter apron after holding point one-by-one if there is no pushback/taxing to departure operation ongoing.

For example in BRI in front of T2 - 4 planes await on holding point. There is pushback for departure there currently. After pushback machine is gone from “zone” those 4 planes will enter apron one-by-one.

It can be interrupted by triggering another pushback operation - remaining planes still not beyond holding point will stay and give way to push backed aircraft.

  • "speed up arrivals" button (one to the left from radar) - has cooldown - same as “arrival freeze” on the opposite side.

Comment: It comes very well in line with a new mechanic described in point (1)

Those are not all mechanics changes we are still working on a couple more things and tweaks but timers (arrival/handling) will most probably remain as in new build.

Handling times @ gates is under review now and it will get amended to shift the majority of action to activities at gates - especially on PRG airport, but that will be global change so INN and BRI will be a little bit more demanding to achieve satisfactory results.

Game mechanics update - dev team comments
Below update is valid with game REL 1.0.6 published 15.11.2019

  • Timer for handling starts when plane arrive to jet-bridged gate or apron stand and stops in parking position

Devs comments: in fact that is what actually happens when it comes to handling times

  • Handling times for individual operation reviewed (additionaly handling changes will increase occupancy at all playable airport)

  • After timer is completed - plane can remain at gate and it is up to player when plane will commence taxing for departure (thats step 1 for future developement of this idea - passive income bonus for efficient handling)

Devs comments: two above - to increase activity @ gates and help player control traffic with additional feature. Additionaly there is something on our mind in respect of “passive income” for keeping plane longere after its ready for departure. Kind of extra bonus.

  • Arrival speed boost / temporary arrival stop functions - now cooldown equals time of use (i.e. if it was in use for 55 sec. > cooldown is 55s. for that operation).

Devs comments: makes this function more “flexible”.a

Note: more features are under developement. Thats not finished yet :slight_smile:

Additional comment about impact of above for gameplay (especially at the very beginning of any airport).

It is quite crucial to properly kick off airport developement right for any new airport “beginnings”. We encourage those who care to spend 1 minute to get yourself familiar with below comment.

We have learned that often players are quite impatient to purchase 2nd arrival slot in very early stage of airport development. Well thats basicaly great recipie for troubles. Arrivals can be greatly adjusted with speed up arrival button if one requires. It is WAY more important to have proper level o handling equipment as well as its number (if there are more stands initially like in PRG).

Spend your initial money at any airport wisely in the early stage otherwise it will be a struggle.

There is always option to reset airport if something went terribly wrong (on airport pickup screen there is tiny red icon that rollbacks progress of an airport).

Happy flying!