Game modes idea

Hello everyone,

Just a thought that popped into my head but maybe for a very far future update.
But to introduce the possibilities of game modes. As someone who tries and plays the game to simulate a real world day, I thought I’d share this idea

For example using the current mode as a free play that you can play the game as is with no actual limitations

and introduce a second mode that utilizes a timetable for each airport that you assign a slot time and try and get the planes out within that time frame. Each time you purchase a contract, you have to assign it to the timetable of the airport and the plane will land around that time, if it comes in a bit later its considered a delay and you have to try and get it out on time or else it will affect you somehow (like it does now). With this mode (and maybe in general), having the day in the game go by a little slower than it does now so it can be realistically handled, as I feel the day jumps very fast (having played for hours and noticing sunset to sunrise can happen in just over an hour) and have the aircraft on the ground maybe 1/3 of it’s actual ground time in real life.
Auto ATC can be enabled/disabled but will effect you as when it’s disabled, it makes it easier but harder since you have to keep track of the arrivals/departures to clear them and keep the current handling system of having to use handlers.

I know it might be a lot of work and more data for the game but it was just something that crossed my mind.


Such function will be introduced with new airport.
It will be TOWER AGENT.

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