Game performance Iphone 8

Hi all,

Currently I’m playing on my Iphone 8 but LHR is very slow and every 10 minutes the game shuts down, device becomes hot, with settings on fast. Also as soon as I switch to settings on beautiful the game shuts down. I’m thinking about switching to Iphone 15, does anyone know if I would still have these problems?

Thank you!

I think using older devices, or lower-end devices do have these issues you mentioned above.

I don’t use apple products, but android device market comes with a significantly wider spectrum. I found the game can work badly on many lower-end devices.

I play the game on my Xperia 5 III and a gaming laptop (through emulator of course) and I have [Balanced] and [Beautiful] respectively and the only issue I have with my emulator is that it will run slower after 30 mins and I don’t know the reason.

In short, swapping to a newer device can help you out for sure.

@Maikel HI !! I have an iPhone 11. and with normal settings I play like a god. I think that with a 15 you will definitely have no problems :sweat_smile:

Yeah iphone 8 is way too old to play LHR. I play on an ipad from 2017 and play on fast graphics and no 3d landscape and zoom in on a place where nothing moves. If I am lucky the game won’t crash for an hour, but most of the time it crashes like 2 or 3 times per 1 hour.

Pro tip: don’t buy a new iphone 15. Either buy a refurbished iphone 14 or 15. They’re pretty much new and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of money :slight_smile:

I have a 12 or 13 pro (I can’t remember lol), but I always play on beautiful setting. The only issue is the phone does heat up often, and there’s SOME small bits of stuttering on large airports or certain high scenery areas, but for the most part it works perfect.

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I have a 15 and yeah you shouldn’t have any problems, but price wise anything 11 and up should run just fine if cost is a consideration.

8 is for sure too old.

also, the SE runs LHR quite well. have you tried running it in the 2d radar?

Thank you all for your response, this really helps.

Have chosen for the Iphone 15 now and will let you know how the game does as soon as I will get it.

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So I just installed the game on the Iphone 15 Pro and I must say what a blast! Playing on settings ‘‘beautiful’’ with 3D landscapes without any trouble and also sound is amazing!